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*Portable Furnace ACW0035
*Portable Furnace ACW0037
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*4 Bulb Replacement Kit for
Portable Furnace C-1500
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Portable Furnace is a division of the Arbaco Ltd family of companies. Arbaco provides quality home products designed to enhance home living. All of our products are designed to be revolutionary solutions to age-old household needs.

Portable Furnace:

For a warm home and lower energy bills, the revolutionary Portable Furnace by Arbaco provides a safe, powerful heat alternative that works like a furnace while remaining portable. Capable of heating up to 500 sq. ft., the Portable Furnace is safe for children and pets and comes with a standard three year warranty.

The Plasma Cool Portable Air Conditioner: www.plasmacoolstore.com

The Plasma Cool air conditioner provides cold air where you need it most - in whatever room you're in! The Plasma Cool air conditioner is totally portable and doesn't hang out of your window. It's sleek design and powerful patented Self-Evaporative Booster Technology cools any room up to 400 sq. ft.!

The Amana Direct Air Conditioner: www.AmanaDirectAC.com

Amana is a powerful recognizable brand name. The Amana Direct AC provides cold air where you need it most - in whatever room you're in! Amana Through The Wall, Commercial Window, Portable Room Air Conditioning systems for small spaces. Amana Dehumidifiers ultra light series! Unique Air Cleaning System on the regular air conditionings that gives you a value added! Amana products are on the top quality where you are looking for.

Portable Furnace - Superior heat through infrared technology
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Portable Furnace ACW0035 Infrared Heater
Portable Furnace ACW0037 Infrared Heater
Portable Furnace Platinum CTC-HLX1500WT-E
Portable Furnace Industrial CTR-350
4 Bulb Replacement Kit for C-1500
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