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Quartz Infrared Portable Furnace - 5,200 BTUsQuartz infrared portable furnace 30 day risk-free trial
Quartz Infrared Portable Furnace Heats up to 1000 square feet
oreck heatwise 1500 watt portable furnace is a zone heater just like a real heat exchanging furnace
5,200 BTUs Heating Power - up 1000 Sq. Ft.

Reduces energy consumption by 35% to 50%

Full Function Remote

3 years Manufacturer's Warranty

Portable Furnace ACW0035 / ACW0037 Infrared Heaters Portable Furnace ACW0035 / ACW0037

* Heats up to 1,000 sq. ft.

* 3 Colors are available

It's only available for purchase at
Canadian Tire
Quartz Infrared Portable Furnace - Features/Benefits Features/Benefits         Quartz Infrared Portable Furnace - Portable Furnace Platinum Portable Furnace Platinum         Quartz Infrared Portable Furnace - Specifications Specifications         Quartz Infrared Portable Furnace - Why Infrared? Why Infrared?


  • LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION The Portable Furnace Platinum uses 35% - 50% less energy than conventional electric baseboard heaters, propane heaters and oil based heaters.
  • EVENLY DISTRIBUTED INFRARED HEAT A whisper-quiet, energy efficient fan circulates and recycles the ambient air, providing even heat from floor to ceiling. Infrared heat provides better heat distribution and absorption.
  • EASY INSTALLATION Plug it in, set the thermostat and enjoy! It's portable, so move it anywhere around the house! No clearance required.
  • ZONE HEATING CONCEPT Set your desired temperature and heat by zones and save money.
  • RETAIN MOISTURE - NO MORE DRY AIR There is no combustion in the Infrared heat, therefore no loss of humidity.
  • WHISPER QUIET OPERATION The Portable Furnace Platinum's fan is whisper-quiet.
  • 100% SAFE. Safe to the touch, No clearance needed, it can even be used as furniture.
  • NO COMBUSTION, NO FUMES 100% environmentally friendly! Infrared heat is healthier, cleaner and safer.


  • 4 Quartz Infrared emitters with Stainless Steel deflector coils
  • Heat exchanger to boost heat output
  • Accurate digital thermostat control
  • Full function remote, credit card size
  • Lifetime, washable prefilter
  • Wooden cabinet on casters, can be used as a furniture!
  • Overall 3 year warranty
  • Scroll fan for more airflow and better heat output
  • Just plug in to any 110V outlet


Heating Capacity 5200 BTUs/Hour Display Digital temperature display
Coverage 800-1000 Sq. Ft Installation None, Plug into any 110V outlet
Prefilter Lifetime & washable AC Cord 1.8 meter
Energy use 12.6 amps / 1500W Control Full function remote
Lamps Lifetime 20,000 hours Dimension 11.9"Wx16.5"Dx16.5"H
Housing Tuscan walnut Weight 29.5 lbs
Thermostat Control Accurate Digital Model No HLX1500WT

Why Infrared?

Infrared heat is energy and cost efficient. An infrared light wave is short and penetrates solid objects in a room quicker than radiant heating and natural gas systems. As much as 80% of the heat generated by an infrared heater is absorbed by the objects in the room instead of dissipating through the walls, floors and ceiling as other heating systems do.

The revolutionary patented Portable Furnace Platinum offers ultra-efficient, safe, evenly distributed heat at less cost than other types of heating systems. Its impressive air quality and effective heating performance are the result of an innovative, patented system design using absorption of infrared energy by a unique heat exchanger which produces, mixes and
circulates heated air back into the space.

Portable Furnace - Superior heat through infrared technology
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Portable Furnace ACW0035 Infrared Heater
Portable Furnace ACW0037 Infrared Heater
Portable Furnace Platinum CTC-HLX1500WT-E
Portable Furnace Industrial CTR-350
4 Bulb Replacement Kit for C-1500
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